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Our Services

  • Organic and Natural Dreadlocks Making (No use of SUPER GLUE OR CHEMICALS)
  • Long Dreadlocks
  • Short Dreadlocks
  • Extension Dreadlocks
  • Modern Dreadlocks
  • Function Dreadlocks
  • Commercial Dreadlocks
  • Under cut Dreadlocks
  • Multi- colour Dreadlocks
  • Old Dreadlocks Upgrading
  • Chemical free Dreadlocks.

We Also Do

  • Box Braids
  • Single Braids
  • Loose Braids
  • Corn Braids
  • Cornrows
  • Boxer Braids
  • Dutch Braids
  • French Braids
  • Ghana Corn Braids
  • Under cut Braids
  • Multi-Colour Braids
  • Umbre Braids
  • Silky-Braids and Hair Wraps.

More Over We Do

Chemical Hair Straightening and sell Hair Products

Chemical Hair Straightening Cream and Hair Relaxers such as

  • Dreadlocks Products
  • Dreadlocks Accessories
  • Dark and Loving Relaxers Olive Oil Relaxer
  • Dr Miracles Relaxers
  • Africa’s Best RelaxersMega Growth Relaxers etc.

Before and After